In 2012, the IllinoisJuniors and Wisconsin Juniors hired Coach Evan Berg as the club’s full-time recruiting director. Coach Evan played for Ball State from 2002-2006 and was a full-time assistant for UW-Milwaukee’s Women’s team from 2007-2011. With D1 NCAA coaching and playing experience, Coach Evan brings an extensive professional network, and a great knowledge base, to the Libertyville and Wisconsin Juniors’ program.

Included in one’s club fees, we offer all of the following to all of our club athletes:

  • Coach Evan’s assistance and availability to help with basic recruiting questions and needs.
  • A free recruiting seminar held in December.
  • A competition schedule that gets all of our national-level athletes substantial exposure to College Scouts (click on any one of our National Team’s competitions schedules on their team page).
  • An extremely informative recruiting page for College Coaches to learn about, and view, our athletes (click on the “Unsigned” and “Committed” tabs above).
  • Free educational resources for our athletes and families (click on the “For the Parents” tab above).

In addition to the above, Coach Evan offers additional recruiting services through the “JRS Recruiting Service.” Such services include taping, editing, and uploading skills and match video, and/or frequent counseling sessions made by appointment. To learn more, click on the “JRS Recruiting” tab above.

Coach Evan can be contacted at 262-496-9100 or