More Than a Club

What do we mean when we say that the Illinois Juniors is “More than a Club?”

We’ll try and describe it to you a little bit, but you’ll really never know until you join!

  1. We are committed to the development of every athlete, not just the top players in the club.
  2. Our student-athletes develop lifelong friendships with their teammates *and* players from other teams within the organization.
  3. Our student-athletes learn many “life lessons” through their experience at Illinois Juniors. This includes, but is not limited to…
    1. The learning of respect of teammates and coaches.
    2. The development of a work ethic that will give each student-athlete an advantage when they face life’s challenges.
    3. Learning to view their successes and failures as a way to learn and grow.
    4. Learning how to work in a “team” environment.